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Forum Rules and Regulations Empty Forum Rules and Regulations

Post  Felicieno on Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:10 pm

The Forum Rules are as Follows.

1) Absolutely NO Swearing
- Keep it to a minimal. We don't want it.
2) Be A Gentleman Or Gentlewoman
- Use respect, kindness, and common sense.
3) Absolutely NO Profanity
- We don't want to see, know, or hear any of it.
4) Absolutely No Arguing
- This includes Racism, Religion, and Politics. Don't speak of them.
(Note: Normal conversation as an arguement is fine, but beating each other down and such isn't.)
5) No Excessive Caps
- Proving a point for a word specifically is alright, but purposely everything for "Loudness" isn't.
6) Enjoy Yourself
- We made this forum for your benefits, for the social community, and more. Use and enjoy it!

Breaking of these rules will NOT be tolerated. You can and will be banned.


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