Fel's Fantastic Freebuild Server Rules and Regulations

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Fel's Fantastic Freebuild Server Rules and Regulations

Post  Felicieno on Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:19 pm

The Classic Server Rules are as Follows.

1) Respect Others
2) No Griefing (Xban)
3) No Swearing (Kicked then Banned)
4) Use Proper Etiquette
5) Do not argue about Religion, Politics, Race, etc.
6) No asking for Ranks (or anything, for that matter.)
7) No Advertising
8) Be Appropriate at ALL Times.
9) Use /review to summon an active mod/admin
10) Enjoy Yourself. (Xban)

Once you understand these rules, and swear to uphold them, use /agree on the server for build rights. If not, use /disagree on the server. To go to the student level, jump into the open drawer, and head through the portal.


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