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New News! Check it out! Empty New News! Check it out!

Post  Felicieno on Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:35 pm

Because we have just started with our Forums, not everything is updated. We shall update accordingly, as much as possible, and create new topics for you!

YOU as a member may post in the "General Chat" section of each category. Use this to chat about anything, or talk to other members. If it is not about the specific Category, post in the Forum "General Chat" section/

We're unsure how long it will take to update the servers, but here's what we're looking at for news:

Classic server will remain offline unless used for Events and Special Occasions.
Premium Server will remain offline for the Tekkit Server.
The Tekkit Server is online currently, for your benefit!

Thanks for all of your support! And stay tuned!


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